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ESA's two European Remote Sensing (ERS) satellites, Ers-1 and Ers–2, were launched into the same orbit in 1991 and 1995 respectively. The ERS-1 mission ended on 10 March 2000 and ERS-2 was retired on 05 September 2011. The ERS missions have revolutionized many areas of the Earth sciences and their practical applications. The high standard of performance of the ERS SAR instrument operations and the reliable provision of well-calibrated data over a long period of time have stimulated the use of SAR data into a much broader range of utilization than was originally thought.

This has been achieved through close and fruitful cooperation between the European industry involved in the development and the operations of the ERS ground segment, the scientific community, and the ESA teams.

The Agency however continues to look for improvement of SAR products or services to help the SAR scientific and applications community to make the best use of their ERS data.

The ERS SAR consolidation and SAR master Dataset generation in SIP format Project has been started in May 2014 and is currently on-going, performed by the eXpert Product Reprocessing Scalable Service X-PReSS consortium under the ESA management.


Ontop New CFI Media shipped to Engineering

Topic: hardwareTags: X-Press

A NAS (Gtonas14) containing ERS1-2/SAR acquisitions from Matera has been shipped on 31.10.2014
Posted by xpadmin, Friday 07 November 2014 - 11:16 (read  806 times)
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ERS-2 NAS delivery

Topic: hardwareA NAS (UK-PAC) containing ERS 2 SAR L0 Products (~50TB) has been shipped to Engineering (X-PReSS Facility) on 11/09/2014
Posted by xpadmin, Thursday 09 October 2014 - 09:14 (read  6188 times)
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